Lawn Care Tips

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    Lawn Repair Tips

    What You Need to Know how to remove dead lawn

    Regular fertilization gives grass plants consistent uniform nutrition.

    The best defense is to keep your lawn healthy by fertilizing and topdressing with organic material (with Organic compost and or gypsum soil conditioner )once a year. Mow your lawn correctly and aerate it periodically to discourage thatch buildup and soil compaction.

    Even with the best care, bare, thin, or weedy patches occasionally develop in certain areas. Deal with these problems as soon as possible so the damage doesn't spread. Weeds rapidly will fill in bare areas if you don't populate that space promptly with new grass.

    Repairing a lawn problem is a two-step process. First, try to determine the underlying cause. Sometimes an accident, such as a fertilizer spill, creates a bare spot in the lawn. Or the cause might be chronic disease, destructive insects, or competition for light and moisture from overgrown neighboring plants. Correct these deficiencies first, or your repair efforts will be futile.

    The best way Give a thin, tired lawn new vitality and disease resistance by aeration service and renovating seeding or overseeding it with new grass seed. In minnesota twin city , do this in the fall (mid Aug. to 1st Oct.), so the cool-season grasses have time to develop strong roots (adding starter fertilizer with phosphorus drasticly improves root growth)before they have to face summer scorching temperatures. If you need to seed in the spring the earlyer the better and keep your hose handy as sping changes to summer. seed needs to stay damp and seedlings CAN NOT DRY OUT or they are toast!

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