2018 Fertilizer Special

At Peter Doran Lawn, we  recommend that you begin fertilizing your lawn in the early spring to achieve the greenest lawn in the neighborhood.  However, if you miss early spring fertilization, you can still achieve optimal results by picking  up at any time throughout the year.  Below is a list of our fertilization schedule we follow to achieve the best results.

1st Application – Early Spring

The first application of fertilizer in the spring is the most important.  Our first application includes fertilizer that promotes healthy lawn growth and prevents weeds from setting its roots and growing in your lawn.  We also apply Dimensions which prevents grass weeds such as crabgrass and Defender which is a pre emergent that kills weeds for up to 3 months.

2nd Application – Late Spring

The 2nd application of fertilizer happens in the late spring and is intended to control popular late spring and early summer weeds from growing  This application consist of a granular fertilizer to promote healthy lawn grown and a liquid weed control.

3rd Application – Early Summer

The third fertilizer application happens in the early spring and consist of a Jipson application and liquid weed control.  The gypsum application is intended to break down the clay under your lawn so your lawns soil can hold more nutrients for the roots of your lawn to absorb.  The liquid weed control application helps prevent popular summer weeds from growing.

4th Application – Late Summer

The fourth fertilizer  application is in the late summer and consist of a granular fertilizer application to promote healthy lawn growth and a liquid weed control to prevent late summer and early fall weeds from growing.

5th Application – Fall

The fifth fertilizer application is applied in the fall and is intended to prepare your lawn for the cold winter ahead.  This fertilizer application winterizes your lawns root system so the freezing cold temperatures in Minnesota don’t freeze your lawns roots and kill your grass.

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