1st Application - Early Spring

The first application of fertilizer in the spring is the most important for the health and growth of your lawn. At Peter Doran Lawn, our team of professionals understands the importance of this first application and takes great care in ensuring that your lawn receives the nutrients it needs.

Our first application includes a special blend of fertilizer that promotes healthy lawn growth and helps to prevent weeds from taking root in your lawn. In addition to the fertilizer, we also apply Dimension, which helps to prevent grass weeds such as crabgrass, and Defender, a pre emergent that effectively kills weeds for up to three months.

By taking the time to carefully plan and execute this first application of fertilizer, we can set the stage for a healthy, weed-free lawn all season long. Our team at Peter Doran Lawn is dedicated to providing top-quality services to our clients and ensuring that their lawns are well-cared for.

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