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    Retaining Walls

    Retaining WallA retaining wall serves two purposes, a functional part and a beautifying part.

    It is functional in the way it holds back earth. Retaining walls stabilize soil and rock from down slope movement or erosion and provide support for vertical or steep grade changes. Most of the home retaining walls are gravity walls that are basically a large mass of either natural garden stone, boulders, railroad ties or landscape blocks. The once popular inexpensive railroad tie wall has fallen out of favor due to environmental concerns. They also decompose with time. People that like the look of wood now go with 6x6 treated ties.

    Modular Block Walls

    Or also called Segmental Block Wall. These walls employ interlocking concrete units that tie-back into the earth to efficiently resist loads. These pre-engineered modular systems are an attractive, economical, and durable alternative to stone or poured concrete retaining walls. The design flexibility can accommodate a wide variety of site constraints, project sizes, and aesthetic preferences.

    Boulder Walls or Natural Stone Walls

    Boulder and Natural Stone retaining walls look fantastic and can be a simple and cost-effective way of dealing with a sloping site. It is a natural way to design your retaining wall, these walls can be difficult to install so contact us today! Typically Natural Stone Walls are stacked and have more of a stacked look. Boulder Walls serve more of a function than aesthetics.