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Spring Lawn Care Services

Peter Doran Lawn and Landscaping offers our spring services to residential and commercial properties throughout the Twin Cities.  Using our spring services you will be giving your yard the healthy start it needs.  From trimming trees and bushes to removing the dead grass in your yard, we have all the tools to take care of your lawns needs.


We remove the grass that has dies in your yard over the winter months and haul away the dead grass. Learn More...

Clean Up

We will come to your home and clean out all of the debris that has collected on your property over the winter months. Learn More...

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters is a choir that nobody looks forward too.  Our crews use Stihl backpack blowers to blow all of the gunk out of your gutters. Learn More...

Lawn Mowing

There is nothing like the smell of the grass after its first cut of the year.  We sharpen the  blades on our lawn mowers daily to ensure a sharp cut. Learn more...

Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

A good round of fertilizer at the  right time of the year can help keep your yard healthy and green throughout the entire season. Learn More...

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