The 5 Best Weed and Feed Fertilizers for Lawn Care & Weed Control

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The 5 Best Weed and Feed Fertilizers for Lawn Care & Weed ControlWeeds are just plants growing where you don't want them too, so everything you do to help your lawn thrive benefits them too. Likewise, the more they take over, the more help your grass needs.

It's a never-ending cycle that you must overcome to achieve the lush, green lawn you desire. Left unchecked, weeds can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to entire crops. Imagine what they can do to your lawn. 

Here's how to master weed control while feeding your patch of green.

When to Weed and Feed Your Lawn

Contrary to popular belief, it's important to fertilize your lawn more than once a year. The best policy is to weed your lawn before the growing season, to prevent weeds from taking root and subsequently taking over.

Ideally, you'll need five applications of a weed and feed application throughout the year. Read on to find out how it's done. 

1. Weed Control in the Springtime

Applying a broadleaf weed control product in the spring will help your grass stay free of weeds while it prepares for the summer growth spurt. Fewer weeds mean there's more sunlight, nutrients, and water available for your grass. 

Using a weed and feed preparation the onset of spring helps boost your soil and obliterate unwanted broadleaf species at the same time.

Dimension® specialty herbicide controls over 45 small-seeded broadleaf weeds as well as grassy weeds like crabgrass for up to 3 months. 

Defendor® specialty herbicide's designed to perform while the weather's still cool. It helps stop the emergence of dandelion and other spring weeds before you even know they're there.

2. Weed Control for Late Spring 

Granular fertilization and liquid weed control work best at this time of year. The best products are slow-release formulas with high phosphorous content. 

Spot spray any stubborn broadleaf weeds that escaped your first treatment with a product specially-formulated for controlling weeds on lawns. A general herbicide spray could kill your grass too

3. Early Summer Weed Prevention

A second round of liquid weed control early in the season will get rid of common fast-growing summer weeds. A gypsum application's also advised at the start of summer.

This will help break down clay under the surface of your lawn and prepare the soil to absorb the large amounts of nutrients needed for summer.  

4. Late Summer Weed and Feed

It's important to provide your lawn with enough nutrients to support your grass throughout the growing season. It helps to perform a soil test beforehand to see what your grass really needs. 

A granular fertilizer containing nitrogen or a complete fertilizer usually does the trick. Continue with your spray-on targeted weed killer for those last stubborn specimens. 

5. Fall Lawn Care Tips

The last stage of your annual lawn care program involves preparing your lawn for the cold weather ahead. Fall's a good time to tackle stubborn weeds. They're so busy storing nutrients for the winter ahead, they absorb herbicides quickly and thoroughly. 

An all-in-one weed and feed preparation's ideal for this time of year. 

Mastering Weed Control and Fertilizing Your Lawn

Do you have a large yard or one's that's seriously undernourished and overgrown with weeds? Are all these technical details a little more than you have time for?

Your lawn needs expert help. Our lawn care professionals are just what the doctor ordered to help turn your lawn into the gorgeous expanse you'd like it to be.

Get in touch for help with weed control and lawn care services for any time of the year. 

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  1. Thank you for talking about summer weed prevention and how you have a lot of different methods to do it. I definitely feel like doing this as early as possible is a great idea since that can allow us to properly enjoy the summer season without having to worry about anything. I’ll work on that right away by hiring a lawn expert that can help me get started on this so we can do everything needed to keep my lawn safe during the hot months.

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