The Importance of Fall Leaf Clean Up

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Fall is officially here in Minnesota and we are starting to see the beautiful colors that make this time of year the best.  However, before you know it those leaves will be falling from the trees and littering your lawn.

Although it may be fun making huge piles of leaves for the kids and pets to play in, your lawns health depends on you picking them up before the snow falls.

What Happens When You Don’t Pick Up Leaves

Leaf cover blocks air and light which is a necessity for your lawn to grow.  Leaves that are not picked up before snow fall will suffocate your lawn and cause brown and dead patches.  Furthermore, leaves can carry disease such as anthracnose.

What is The Best Practice for Leaf Removal

In Minnesota, we have tons of trees with tons of leaves which means your yard is likely to have too many leaves to make mulching a good practice.  However, if you yard does not have a ton of leaves, mulching is the best practice because they help keep moisture and warmth in the soil during the colder months.  Additionally, you can add leaf mulch to flower bed, trees and shrubs.

For lawns where there are just too many leaves, you will want to bag the leaves and drop them off at your local yard waste.  Before bagging though, be sure to place as much mulch as possible around flowers beds, trees and shrubs and possibly even rake some into your lawn for protection.

Our Leaf Removal Services

At Peter Doran Lawn, we use commercial mowers and custom made lawn vacuums that make leaf removal a breeze.  Our  lawn mowers mulch the leaves while our lawn vacuums suck up at 99 percent of the debris, leaving just enough through your lawn for protection.

You can request a free estimate online or give us a call at our new offices in Rogers, MN at (763) 595-1440.

Table of Contents

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