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Core Aeration - Brooklyn Park, MN

Core AerationOver time the surface of your lawn can become tightly compacted and covered with dense thatch. This is a layer of dead stems and roots. When this happens, much of the food and water your lawn needs can’t penetrate the surface. Core Aeration is simply a method of punching holes into the turf to allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Aeration reduces soil compaction, enhances thatch breakdown, improves water infiltration and improves response to fertilizer.

This service also improves soil composition and maximizes turf grass rooting. Most importantly it makes the lawn less susceptible to damage from weeds, insects, drought and disease. Aeration combined with over seeding is an excellent method for an established lawn to relieve compaction and improve its density. We recommend aeration & over seeding once per season to all established lawns in Brooklyn Park, MN. Peter Doran Lawn & Landscape uses top quality seed that is free of noxious weeds.