3 FREE Lawn Care Apps to Help You Maintain a Healthy Lawn This Summer

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Maintaining a healthy lawn is more work than most people realize.  These 3 lawn care apps will help you keep the pest away, track and suggest when to mow and even make suggestions to keep your landscape and garden plants healthy.  Best of all, all 3 of these lawn care apps are free and can be downloaded to your phone today.

Turfpath App IconTurfpath Lawn Care App

Android Download | Apple Download

Turfpath is a great app that will help you recognize pests in your yard and ways to treat your yard to get rid of those unwanted pests.  This app also allows you to interact with other users by asking questions and getting answers from professionals about your questions.  You can also receive awards and badges on Turfpath for sharing information.

MowerPlus App IconMowerPlus App by John Deere

Android Download | Apple Download

Mowerplus helps you keep track all of your mowing activities from how long it has been since you last mowed, the direction your last mowed and provides feedback to help you mow your lawn so it can grow to its maximum potential.  The MowerPlus app is also region specific and gives you additional insight to seasonal timeline feeds.  Additionally, if you have a John Deere mower, you can receive maintenance tips to keep your mower running at tip top condition.

Sprout ItSprout It App

Apple Download

The Sprout It app is a landscaper and gardeners dream!  This app will make suggestions on when to plant your vegetables, herbs and other plants based on the region you live in.  It provides reminders, tips and suggestions based on when your planting date and personal preferences.  Furthermore, you will receive integrated weather information and alerts to help you protect your plants when the weather changes.

Do you have a lawn care app that you really enjoy?  If so, please share it with us in the comments below.