Is It Spring or Winter in Minneapolis?

This week in Minneapolis has to be one of the most confusing weeks’ weather-wise.  The first couple days of the week provided us with spring like temperatures and a record for the earliest tornadoes in the state ever!  These last couple of days, and the forecast looking forward, we are back to winter like conditions and temperatures.

With crazy weather like this, your lawn and yard is going through some tough times as well.  With the warmer temperatures earlier this week, lawns throughout Minneapolis were experience thawing conditions which led to wet and sloppy yards.  Now, with temperatures dropping, the top of the ground is beginning to freeze again.


As temperatures fluctuate from hot to freezing, this spring is going to be a spring where you need to pay special attention to your lawn.  If you want your lawn to have a healthy start to the year, you will want to dethatch your lawn thoroughly.  Dethatching is the process of removing the brown damaged and dead blades of grass from your lawn.  This process will ensure the healthy blades of grass in your lawn will be able to collect all of the nutrients they need to be healthy and green throughout the year.

Dethatching your lawn will also help remove any snow mold that may have damaged your lawn throughout the winter.  Snow mold, left unattended, can spread throughout your lawn and cause damage that may require drastic repair to save your lawn.

Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

Once your lawn has been dethatched, you will want to apply an application of pre-emergent fertilization to encourage a healthy start to your lawn.  Pre-emergent fertilization will also discourage weeds from growing in your lawn which allows your lawn to absorb the nutrients they need to remain healthy during the hot summer months.

Peter Doran Lawn has served the local Minneapolis community for over 25 years and serves over 1,500 customers.  We use start of the art equipment and technology to provide the best lawn care services when it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn.

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