Spring Lawn Care Minneapolis

Spring is here and with it comes a number of lawn care services that need to be done in order for your lawn to be healthy and green throughout 2016.  With over 20 years of experience servicing lawns in the Minneapolis area, here is what we have learned to achieve optimal results.

Spring Clean-Up & Dethatching are Essential

If you want your lawn to stay healthy all year, you must do a thorough cleaning of debris from your lawn and dethatch your lawn.  A thorough spring clean-up not only removes debris from your lawn but you will also be able to notice any damage or disease your lawn may have suffered from a long cold winter.  When in your lawn keep your eyes open for snow mold that may have formed, chunks of lawn missing from plow trucks and keep a close eyes on your trees, shrubs and bushes for rotting, spotting or anything else that does not look normal.

Dethatching is the process of removing dead and damaged grass from your lawn with a lawn rake or a special attachment for your mower.  Skipping dethatching can result in a matted down lawn that can damage or even kill surrounding grass that is healthy.  Additionally, dethatching your lawn will allow your healthy grass to absorb and retain more nutrients as it has less competition from damaged grass.

Fertilize Your Lawn

It is also important to apply the right fertilizer on your lawn in early spring and late in the spring.  A pre-emergent fertilizer will help you keep control of those early spring weeds like crabgrass and dandelions while promoting the growth of your healthy lawn.  A late spring application helps your lawn prepare for drier summer months ahead.  You can learn more about popular Minnesota weeds and a proper fertilizer schedule from our #GreenLawnsMatter initiative.

A healthy lawn starts in the spring! Are you taking the right steps to ensure the greenest, healthiest lawn you can have this year?

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