Landscaping Ideas To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home


Landscaping investments big or small can add a dramatic effect to the curb appeal of your home.  Some ideas to play around with in the design stage of adding landscape alterations would be to maximize the landscaping budget by weighing in on problem areas to enhance or renew old or worn product or to include the following common ways in which homeowners add value.

Hardscaping – Hardscaping whether it be for privacy like patios or for show like front entrance pathways, stairs or retaining walls can be a maintenance free way to add value to your home and upgrade your home’s curb appeal.  Raised and contained gardens with retaining wall rock segmented along pathways can be an elegant way to enter a home or shape a yard for maximum benefits.

A grand way to emphasize or spotlight your home is to guide the arrival of the homeowner or guests in a way that pleases the eye for a pleasant entryway into the home.  Use pathways with bends and curves to emphasize the experience of entering the home.           

Lighting effects such as uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting, and shadowing are just a few ways to use landscape lights to make a dramatic effect in your landscape.  Landscape lights will add interest to a home’s curb appeal through each season with very little care and maintenance.  One common lighting mistake to avoid is placing a lantern or light at the top of a post when at night dangerous shadows cover nearby stairways.

When it comes to choosing shrubs, perennials, and flower gardens tune in to your color wheel.  Choosing opposing colors in your gardens so that the vegetation will really manage to make a great contrast in color against your home.  Balance outdoor vegetation with shrubs and trees that proliferate all year round such as evergreens of all different shapes and sizes to show interest in the winter months. 

Last but definitely not least, dress up your front door!  Use seasonal wreaths, welcome mats and plantings to celebrate the seasons and make a welcome entrance for yourself and for curb appeal considerations.

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