What Happened To Winter In Minneapolis?

Here it is the middle of January in Minneapolis and we have not had a single day below 0 degrees.  Nor have we had enough snow to enjoy the winter activities we usually do at this time of the year.  So what happened to winter this year?

In November of 2018, the Farmers’ Almanac and the Old Farmers’ Almanac had differing opinions about the forecast for this winter.  Based on their predictions it looks like the Old Man is going to win with a prediction of a gentle and mild winter.

The reason for a gentle and mild winter is a weak El Nino warming pattern.  However, this pattern has kind of pushed the coldest parts of winter off until the end of January and into February.  As predicted, the latest weather reports for the weekend of January 19th and 20th 2019 will be the coldest of the year and we will see some below 0 degree temperatures coming our way.

Now if we could only get some snow!  If the Old Farmers’ Almanac continues to hold true, don’t expect much snow to come our way.  This means, when it does snow, you had better get out there and enjoy it because it likely will not last long.

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