Why Aeration and Overseeding Are A Must In The Fall

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It’s hard to imagine but before you know it summer will be gone and the leaves will start to fall.  All those water fights and baseball practices in the back yard were fun but they also caused a lot of wear and tear to your yards grass and soil.


We often don’t think about “wear and tear” on our lawns but the fact is all those summer activities have compacted your soil torn some of your weakened grass’s roots from the soil.  As fall approaches, the warmer days and cooler nights provide just enough moisture in the ground that make it optimal for you to help your lawn heal itself.


Aeration is important because it de-compacts the soil.  Putting all those little holes in the ground allows air, water and food to reach the roots and allows the roots to grow deeper into the soil.  Furthermore, aeration makes the lawn less susceptible weeds, insects, drought and disease.


Overseeding is important because your lawn is not invincible!  Overtime, individual blades of grass grow weaker and eventually die off.  Overseeding promotes the growth of new blades of grass and helps your lawn maintain its fullness and thickness year after year.  A fuller and thicker lawn also helps keep unwanted weeds from popping up in your lawn come spring.

Aerating and Overseeding?

Yes, aerating and overseeding go hand in hand.  Aeration punches the holes in the ground so the overseed can penetrate deep into the soil and grow deep healthy roots.  You should aerate your lawn every fall and overseed at least once every three years to keep your lawn healthy.

If your lawn is starting to look bare, ask yourself, when was the last time I had my lawn aerated and overseeded?  If it has been over that 3 year mark, you really should consider getting done this fall.  That is, if you want a healthy lawn come next spring.

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Table of Contents

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