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You hear it every where you go, or you may even be the type of person we are talking about… you know the ones who are complaining about winter.  You are so ready for winter to be over so you can start complaining about the hot and humid summer temperatures and the mosquitos that come along with it.

However, I am personally ready for some more snow!  The only thing that really sucks about winter is the -50 degree windchill days.  Other than that, I live in Minnesota so I can get out and enjoy all 4 seasons, and that includes sliding around in the snow.

Furthermore, winter came late this year.  Do you remember the dusting of snow, or better yet brown Christmas we had this year.  It did finally snow in December but it wasn’t until the last couple of days and it was only a few inches, hardly enough to enjoy.

Granted, we got dumped on in February of this year.  We got a total of 39 inches of snow in 1 month!  For us, that makes up for the mere 18 inches of snow we had the rest of the winter.

Average Snowfall Days Minneapolis

So here we are in the beginning of March and needless to say the weather forecast is saying another 2 to 4 inches of snow.  I guess it should really be no surprise since March is typically the 3 snowiest month of the year.

Let’s enjoy the last month or so winter has to offer.  Get out there and enjoy some snow tubing or ice skating because before you know it you will be itching for the end of summer and dreaming about the days when the mosquitos don’t bite.

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