History of Minnesota Late Winters

Weatherman groundhog came out last week and saw his shadow.  That means we have 6 more weeks of winter left.  But do those rules apply to Minnesota?  We wanted to know so we took a look at some history and here is what we found out.

Latest Snowfall Recorded

This is one, that unless you were alive in 1935 that you simply won’t believe.  In 1935, 1.5 inches of snow fell on June, 4th!  Yes we said June 4th, it’s not a typo.

Cold Temperatures

Yes we live in the bold North and we expect cold temperatures, but we also expect summer to show up at some point in time.  However, you never know what the bold North will deliver.

In June 1964, the low temperature for the month came in at 15 degrees.  In July 1997, the low temperature came in at 24 degrees.  In August 2002, the low temperature came in at 21 degrees.

Now that is some cold temperatures in what is supposed to be winter.  Let’s hope this year we don’t come close to any of those records.

Late Year Blizzards

Blizzards are expected in Minnesota and we usually don’t see too many after the month of February.  But this is Minnesota and you never know what the weather is going to bring.

According to records, the latest blizzards in the state hit in March including the blizzard of 1941 on March 14th, 1941, International Falls Storm from March 1st – 4th in 1966, Duluth’s 1975 Blizzard on March 23rd and 24th and the Duluth Blizzard of 1985.

Lucky for us in the Twin Cities, these blizzards didn’t hit us.  However, you never know if a blizzard could track down here and hit us in March.  Let’s hope not!!!

Although we do enjoy the winter, we are already thinking about spring.  Some winters you have just had enough and hope for it to be over with early.